NGINX Application Platform

Together We Speed Up Application Delivery for Microservices

The NGINX Application Platform is a bundle of products that combined provide companies with the tools they need to develop and operate modern, high-performing applications that are scalable and reliable. The NGINX Application Platform includes NGINX Plus for load balancing and application delivery, NGINX App Protect for security, and NGINX Unit to run the application code, all monitored and managed by NGINX Controller. The products all are based on open source technologies.

ConSol MENA is a open source specialist and part of the NGINX Preferred Partner Programm. Thus we work hand in hand to enable our customers to build applications fast, precisely and absolutety secured.

Our Offers

Consulting, deployment and support – all from one source. As a Preferred Partner we provide subscribtions, professional services and support service for the NGINX products portfolio:


NGINX License

Software License Review & BOQ recommendation



NGINX Professional Service

Consulting (SOW, Design, Architecture) & Deployment



NGINX Support

Maintenance & Support (Monitoring, Alerting, 8x5 or 24h Operation & Support)


From Monolithic to Microservice Architecture

A modern application requires to be built on a modern software architecture. The NGINX platform enables customers to transform their monolithic apps into dynamic and microservices-based applications.

Why Microservices?

Microservices are a way to modularize applications into small and composable fragments to which tasks are assigned to. Apps consist of a set of services, which are faster to develop, and much easier to understand and maintain. Each of these services can also be developed independently by a team that is focused on that service. It also allows for continuous deployment, because each microservice can be deployed independently.

Faster Development
Silo the dev teams and less dependence

Flexible Deployment
Deploy piece by piece without affecting other systems

Easy Scalability
Safely scale our your app by using advanced load balancing

Run in containers, on your existing hardware, or in the cloud

Moreover, developers focus rather on business functionalities while creating microservices than on technological aspects. The main question is what is supposed to be the capability of a service and how can it contribute to the general business capability? On top the development of microservices holds the opportunity to push forward a company’s DevOps culture as you work in cross-functional teams.

Scale Your

Together we modernize your application infrastructure and scale your business. Trust in our professional expertise over the whole IT lifecycle and benefit from the comprehensive NGINX capabilities.

NGINX Capabilities



  • Support every application and API, in any cloud
  • Gain deployment flexibility—NGINX Controller is a Docker package, deployable anywhere
  • Spin up Controller and NGINX Plus instances on any public or private cloud
  • Manage NGINX Plus instances on any public or private cloud

Technology Integrations

  • Securely extract meaningful health and performance metrics
  • Integrate into monitoring tool of choice
  • Get the most out of your existing monitoring and analytics software investments
  • Leverage fast, reliable REST APIs

Analysis & Monitoring

  • Meet application performance and reliability SLAs
  • Reduce troubleshooting time and effort with accurate, specific, real-time error alerts
  • Gain deep visibility and insights into KPIs on a per-API GW basis
  • Visualize real-time traffic and system stats
  • Analyze usage and performance trends for 200 metrics from the OS to individual NGINX Plus instance

NGINX the App Delivery Platform


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