ConSol MENA Is Selected Preferred Partner with NGINX

Bringing together high-level open source know-how

Two open source specialists in the MENA region are collaborating and thus speeding up application delivery and performance of customers: ConSol MENA in Dubai – independent subsidiary of ConSol Software in Munich, Germany – is now part of the NGINX Preferred Partner Program.

„We believe that modern applications based on a microservice archtitecture are one of the driving forces behind digital transformation“, says Salim Menikh, Senior Busines Development Manager at ConSol MENA. „We want to support customers to accelerate their processes of digitalization and so make businesses future-proof.“

App Delivery is at the Core of Digital Transformation

The NGINX Application Platform offers a set of composable components that provide companies & organizations with tools to create applications with performance, reliability, security, and scale. The platform consists of NGINX Plus for load balancing and application delivery, NGINX App Protect for security, and NGINX Unit to run the application code, all monitored and managed by NGINX Controller.

As a Preferred Partner ConSol MENA provides subscribtions, professional services and support service for the NGINX products portfolio, including f.e. software license reviews, consulting & deployment as well as maintenance & support, also 24/7.

Going from Monolithic to Microservice Architecture

Each microservice is a distinct unit within the software development project, with its own codebase, infrastructure, and database. The microservices work together, communicating through web APIs or messaging queues to respond to incoming events. Microservices take a complex monolithic application and turn it into a set of services, which are faster to develop and much easier to understand and maintain.

„DevOps culture and agile methods are for a long time an integral part not only of our daily work but also of our corporate thinking and acting. The ConSol expertise in modern software engineering combined with the NGINX products makes this partnership a multi-value for all future-oriented customers“, Salim Menikh sums up.


Salim Menikh

Sr. Business Development Manager

+971 4509 9033